Saturday, May 22, 2010

Visual Learning Styles

In the book Quantum Learning to learn a person exposed to three modalities: "the modalities of visual, auditory or kinesthetic (profession). Although each of us learn by using all three modalities was at certain stages, most people are more likely in one of the three. "

Visual (learning by seeing)

For students who learn visual style, which plays an important role is the eye / vision (visual), in this case teaching method used by teachers should be more / focused at the demonstration / media, get them into the objects associated with these lessons, or peraganya tool by showing students or draw directly on the blackboard. Children who have a visual learning style must see the body language and facial expression the teacher to understand the subject matter. They tend to sit in front so you can see it clearly. They thought using the pictures in their brains and learn more quickly by using visual displays, such as diagrams, illustrated textbooks, and video. In the classroom, children prefer visual-detail records until more details for information.
The characteristics of the visual learning style:
  • Talk a bit faster
  • Concerned with the appearance of dress / presentations
  • Not easily disturbed by noise
  • Given the views, from which was heard on
  • Prefer to read from the read
  • The reader quickly and diligently
  • Often knowing what to say, but not smart choosing words
  • Would rather do a demonstration of the speech
  • More like music than art
  • Having trouble remembering verbal instructions unless it is written, and often ask for help from someone to repeat it.
Strategies to facilitate children's learning process visually:
  1. Use visual materials such as pictures, diagrams and maps.
  2. Use color to menghilite important things.
  3. Encourage the child to read illustrated books.
  4. Use multi-media (for example: computer and video).
  5. Encourage the child to try to illustrate his ideas into the picture.


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