Monday, May 24, 2010

Auditory Learning Style

Learning styles can determine the child's academic achievement. If given appropriate strategies with learning style, children can develop better. Automatic learning styles depending on the person who learns. This means that everyone has different learning styles different.

There are several styles of learning as we know, such as auditory or style of learning by listening. Students who rely on the success of auditory type of learning through the ears (hearing devices), so the teachers should have to pay attention to their students up to the hearing instrument.

Children who have auditory learning styles can learn more quickly by using verbal discussion and listen to what teachers say. Auditory child can digest the meaning conveyed through voice tone, pitch (high or low), speed of speech and other auditory things. Sometimes written information have little meaning for the child's auditory listening. The kids are like this usually can memorize more quickly by reading the text aloud and listening to tapes.

The characteristics of auditory learning style:
  1. We worked like bicaa to yourself
  2. Neat appearance
  3. Easily distracted by noise
  4. Learning to listen and remember what is discussed from the views on
  5. Glad to read aloud and listening
  6. Move their lips and say the writing on the book when reading
  7. Usually he is fluent speakers
  8. More clever to spell out loud than to write
  9. Verbal wit rather than read comics
  10. Having problems with jobs that involve Visual
  11. Speaking in rhythmic, patterned
  12. Can be repeated again and imitate the tone, rhythmic sound and color
Strategies to facilitate children's learning process auditory:
  • Encourage the child to participate in discussions either in class or in the family.
  • Encourage children to read aloud lesson.
  • Use music to teach children.
  • Discuss the idea with the child verbally.
  • Allow children to record a teaching material in the cassette and push him to listen to before bed.


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