Thursday, May 27, 2010

Caring for furniture

Often we are confused how to clean the furniture we have. There are various materials furnished in the household such as iron, aluminum, plastic, glass and wood.
For this type of furniture or furniture made of wood was a little difficult to clean because of the liquid that spilled on the wood surface and is left long enough will cause white spots. This means that the release layer of wood finishing. When the liquid has reached a layer of wood, wood surfaces will be curved and peeling. Is more pronounced when the liquid containing alcohol or acetone.

Therefore, for vulnerable goods such as wet and hot cups, bowls, flower vases, cooking quipment, if placed on wooden furniture should be given a mat or mats. While that spilled liquids immediately dry with a tissue or cloth, do not rub.
Sunlight can trigger chemical changes in the form of fine cracks on wood furniture finishing. Moreover, it can make the surface more shabby furniture. High and low air humidity and temperature changes in the long term can also cause cracks fine. Because it set the position of products of wood to avoid direct sunlight.
While abarasi and scratches can be caused by the use of dirty rags, or the use of cleaning materials that are abrasive. To make sure that when you clean them using a clean cloth, or liquid chemicals that do not damage the wood.


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