Saturday, May 22, 2010

Learning Styles

Every person has different learning styles. This learning style is formed from the environment and our daily habits. If we recognize our learning style, then we can choose an effective learning strategies, learning styles tailored to each of us.

There are several learning styles that can be learned:
  1. Auditory Learners. " If we include people who more easily learned by listening, so we have a learning style "auditory." If this is our learning style, then we can learn by listening to reproduce portions, such as listening to the tapes of English language, our favorite songs, or news, a speech in English. We can also listen to the conversations in English in your favorite movies we watch at the cinema, television, or VCD. Listen to the words, phrases used, note the contexts or situations where words or phrases are used. Do this over and over again then we will meet with a similar expression can we practice on a regular basis, so that we can say and use it more and more proficient.
  2. "Visual Learners". If we include people which is easier to learn through visual input (images, text), then we have the learning style "visuals." There are so many strategies that we can do. We can read the articles in English, which we consider important, and interesting in the newspapers, magazines, or internet, then tell me we are back with the words that our own flats, either in written form or in the form of greeting. We can also read and study examples of letters, proposals, brochures that we often encounter in doing our jobs. To try to understand an abstract concept, we can describe it in a visual form: "flow charts, tables, or other visual forms.
  3. "Kinesthetic Learners." If we prefer to learn by doing something or moving, then we can learn to use computers (where we need to press the button on the keyboard, or mouse), so we do not get bored quickly. We can also join associations of English (Home Club) which has many activities and games that involve movement. Also you can do is learn to write (move your hand to write), or try to understand a single word or phrase with imagined movements that could be associated with a sense of the word-word.
Each person can have more than one learning style (eg visual and auditory, or visual and Kinesthetic). Whatever the learning style, if we had known, we can search and apply learning strategies tailored to the learning styles so that results can be more effective.


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