Friday, September 3, 2010

Bye - bye Obesity

In my previous articles, I have been reviewing ways to overcome obesity. Here, I'll add some tips so we can say goodbye to obesity, and look attractive.
It is because obesity is not only disturb the appearance but also health-threatening obesity. Do the following steps and say goodbye to overweight.

- Limit calories
Basically, in order not to our fatness "only" need to eat foods with lower calorie amount of calories burned.

- Drinking water
Usually within a day if you could spend a glass of juice, soda, or alcoholic beverages, from now replace with plain water. With this simple way you have to reduce calorie intake per day.

- Sport 15-20 minutes.
If you have problems with weight, you usually also have a problem with exercise habits. Maybe it's because you're too impose themselves. Enough exercise for 15 minutes every day will burn 100-150 calories, depending on body weight and metabolism.

- Replace snacks
Potato chips, fried foods, and other snack foods do not actually contain less calories. If you're used to snacking all day, have it replaced with a vegetable or fruit. Also stay away from sugar-rich snacks such as donuts, chocolate, or ice cream.

- Having sex
Intimate with a partner is one of physical activity not only fun, but also can burn calories. But of course you're not just doing it for three minutes, but 15 minutes. If done every day, the number of calories burned to reach 150.

- Healthy Breakfast
Skipping breakfast can actually make the body weak and very hungry at noon. Choose a healthy breakfast, such as vegetable sandwich or oatmeal.

- Reduce the butter
Reduce the habit of buttering bread or other foods because you can reduce 200-300 calories per day.

- Eat slowly
Enjoy each mouthful and chew food slowly so you feel full faster. If you are still tempted to spend a portion of food again, wait 20 minutes, usually it will go away hungry.
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How to Overcome Obesity

Having a fat body for some people is a frightening specter. This is because, obesity can lead to various diseases. So many people avoid becoming overweight, especially women.
Average women are willing to do anything to get a slim body shape, ranging from a regular diet, drink a variety of slimming drug to liposuction.
In fact, if implemented dietary and health habits, obesity can be avoided.

Here, some tips that can be done to combat obesity:
* Eliminate the habit of snacking, especially starchy and sugary foods high. Eat every three hours is allowed, provided by balancing caloric intake.
* Limit high carbohydrate foods such as rice, potatoes, cassava, sweet potatoes, and foods from wheat. However, this does not mean totally eliminating carbohydrates, your body still needs energy from carbohydrates to break down food substances during the process of metabolism.
* Reduce food from protein sources such as fish, tofu, tempeh, and meat.
* Discipline in regulating diet and exercise. Enter fibrous foods such as vegetables and fruits. Vegetables make us easy to fill, durable and low in calories.
* Eat fruit that does not contain much carbohydrate but a lot of water, such as papaya, starfruit, watermelon, guava and apples are highly recommended. In particular, interrupted mealtimes.
* Reduce the consumption of sweet fruits such as bananas, melons, sapodilla, grapes and mango. These fruits contain fructose which will be a lot of glucose in the blood.
* Lots of fruit consumption
* Drink plenty of water, because a lot of drinking can overcome hunger.
* When exercising, take time to warm up for half an hour to an hour. all this will make the weight remained stable and appeared fit

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Thursday, September 2, 2010

Exotic Water Three Pain (Rejenu)

Kudus Town has a variety of attractions that can be enjoyed by both locals and foreign tourists. Some existing attractions such as nature tourism, educational and religious. One of the most popular attractions in the Kudus City is the Water Three Pain (Air Tiga Rasa).
This tourist attraction is located in the mountains of Muria, about 7 km above Monthel waterfall tourism . Along the road leading to this very interesting sights. We can enjoy the cool and fresh air for both sides of the road because there are many plants and trees that shade. In addition, there is also a stream that flows into Monthel waterfall tourism, where the water is still clear and fresh.

Although the road to these places is climb, but we will not feel tired because of the freshness of air there. Besides we can walk through the path to get there, we can also use the motorbike taxi. If we use a motorcycle taxi service, we will pass the direction of Japan and then climbed a path that was paved by people around the site. So we do not take a long time from the bus parking lot in Colo. to arrive at the Three Pain Water (Air Tiga Rasa) attractions. We only took about 10 minutes by bike.
when we got there, we can see a forest that is still lush with big trees, so it can add a cool atmosphere around it. We also enjoy the sound of birds chirping which is still natural.
To quench your thirst after a little tiring journey, we can enjoy the water in three wells with different taste in all three wells. There's a sprite taste, salt and natural.
Beside we enjoy drinking the tasty water there, we also can enjoy special food there that is well-known as Pecel Pakis. We can meet it in the stalls beside the road towards Pain Three water wells (Sumur Air Tiga Rasa).
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Is Obesity Difficult to Pregnant?

Being overweight can also be considered to be one cause of difficult pregnancies.
Because there is excess fatty tissue that can trigger over-production of the hormone estrogen, a hormone that is formed to result in less or unbalanced, and will interfere with ovulatory cycles. Can be seen from irregular menstrual cycles do not occur.
The study says 30-47% of women with excess weight will experience irregular menstrual cycles. Being overweight also increases the risk of miscarriage in pregnancy.

But that does not mean women with excess body weight can not be pregnant.
The first tips that can be done to help speed up the pregnancy is to lose weight and lifestyle changes. Limit your intake of calories in a maximum of 1000-1200 kcal / day. Do sports that have a high enough intensity for 30 minutes, 3 x per day.
Studies show 50-10% reduction of body weight can increase spontaneous ovulation for the possibility of pregnancy up to 60% for women with excess weight.
Several conclusions can be drawn is that obesity can reduce fertility, either because of excessive calorie intake or because of hormones resulting from the delay pregnancy drug (pill, injection, implant contraceptives. Etc.), All of which can cause reduced fertility.
Obesity can also reduce sexual activity / sexual interest from couples.
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Preventing Child Obesity

Having a fat and plump child is dreaming of every parents. It still has a lot of assumptions that circulate in the community if a healthy child is marked by weight gain. Unfortunately, when the weight of too drastically will cause new problems for the child.
Children will feel inferior in their environment due to continue being ridiculed by his friends. Children will have difficulty doing activities that give priority to the physical. Children will also be susceptible to some diseases such as shortness of breath, and others. All that would be disturbing the child's achievement in school.

Here are some tips to prevent children becoming too fat:

1. Give children an example of how a healthy lifestyle. You will not be able to teach your children healthy habits while your own life habits random mess. As a parent, you must be a role model. Some old people there who behave well when in front of children, even though the child may know the tricks performed by their parents are. With a healthy behavior, not only do you teach your child how to live healthy, but that behavior is also useful for your own health.
2. Start early. Begin teaching children healthy lifestyle as early as possible. This habit will be easier to be taught at an early age because children have not too many options. Unfortunately, many parents have not realized this, so that some of them late teach kids to eat vegetables for example.
3. Get used to eat with children. Lately a lot of families who have left the habit of eating together. They prefer to eat his own self in a different place different. How parents can give examples of healthy foods to eat while they are separated from their children. By eating together, you as parents can monitor what is eaten by your child and can explain the usefulness of the food. You can also teach them how to eat right.
4. Encourage your child to indulge. Many parents who forbid their children too many activities with a variety of reasons. Sometimes the reason is simply based on the interests of parents, when children need a lot of motion to burn the energy stored in the body. Energy deposition in the body will cause the child to become obese. Invite your child exercise, play and activities that move the body.
5. Help children to make friends. Social will enable children spent more time to play. With a lot of play will burn more energy so that children do not become obese. Social will also enhance the socialization of our children.
6. Give an award. If your child has a healthy lifestyle, show them that you feel happy and proud. Instead, give them the punishment if your child is doing a bad habit. This will encourage healthy behavior in your child.
7. Learn to say no. Remember if you teach your children to live healthy is because you love them. Dare to say no if you feel what your child is not required in accordance with your purpose to teach them how to live healthy. Do not be too follow the will of your child.
8. Additional vitamins. Please remember that the food consumed by your child does not always contain enough nutrients they need. Therefore, give them extra vitamins and minerals. Give dosage of vitamins that they like both in terms of taste and packaging to ensure the discipline they consume.
9. Health examination. You should always be sure if your child is in good shape. If not, flee to the doctor for a medical examination. Better yet if you check your child's health on a regular basis to a family doctor and dentist. With regular checkups, you can also get advice on how to raise children properly so that your children grow up healthy.
10. Give me a challenge. If there is a chance you must give your child healthy foods that they had never before consumption. Children love a challenge. Thus, your child will have plenty of healthy food choices in life.

Hopefully helpful.

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New Way to Overcome Obesity and Diabetes

Lately, researchers have found ways to overcome obesity and diabetes, two diseases caused by eating too much sweet food, or that contain glucose. By using the brown fat from the skin to burn calories, then at least can reduce the excessive calories in the obese body.
As published in Nature Report dated July 29, the researchers publish that one way to overcome the disorder of metabolism such as obesity and diabetes a way to burn a set of calorie burning brown fat cells.
Francesco keen, a Endokrinologist at the National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney hospital in Bethesda, Maryland., Saying, "Network-fat chocolate comes in the forefront to address the problem of obesity because it can make burning calories"

He also said the research might reveal the possibility of activation of brown fat, but the body also may be looking for ways to compensate in order to eat more.
As known so far, brown fat is used to warm newborn infants during cold temperatures. With these findings made the researchers think that to combat obesity is by increasing the number and activity of fat storage in the body of an adult brown colored.
Preliminary studies performed on rats myoblast. Myoblast is before the muscle cells. Researchers know that a protein called PRDM16 is important to produce brown fat cells. Researcher grafting some of the living cells of rats. then brown fat cells to form clots at different injection locations, near the liver / heart of the rats. This Myoblasts divide as usual. But when researchers increased number of both proteins, the cells divided to create a functional energy burning fat cells, apart from the duplicate themselves.
"Using the brown fat to help treat obesity has been discussed for more than 30-40 years. But, usually people will be attacked. Many said it was not fat as adults, others mention the fat has no relationship to obesity and weight loss. Recent research proves, every adult person has a functional brown fat in the body, "he explained.
So, with verification by a researcher who claimed that obesity and diabetes can be overcome by using brown fat. So, no harm for you who have the disease of obesity or diabetes can use a way that has been proven by the researchers.

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Obesity and Cancer Relationship

Society in general may ask, what is the relationship of obesity with cancer? Is not that cancer patients tend to be thin? In 2001, experts concluded that colon cancer, breast (postmenopausal), endometrium, kidney, and esophagus, associated with obesity. Obesity and low physical activity causes approximately 25 to 30% of cancers such as colon cancer, breast (postmenopausal), endometrium, kidney and esophagus cancer.

Research conducted in the United States in patients over 16 years and non-Smokers, clearly shows that both men and women who are more obese at the beginning of the study (with the examination-IMT), have a higher risk of cancer. In this study, an increased risk of cancers such as kidney and uterus in women and liver cancer in men was most striking. Results from another study claimed that obesity is the number-two cause of cancer after smoking in the United States.
In the world, the increasing incidence of obesity and smoking is reduced, so that it is estimated that obesity one next decade will be the first risk factor for cancer in the United States. The results of this study was presented by the American Institute for Cancer Research and the World Cancer Research Fund International, with the theme: Food, Nutrition, Physical Activity, and the Prevention of Cancer: A Global Perspective. Now the estimated two thirds of the population in America are overweight.
Worldwide, cancer incidence increased faster than population growth. Although it is known that obesity increased the incidence of cancer, but kuantistas risk and increased risk of cancer which still needs further evaluation. The American Institute for Cancer Research and the World Cancer Research Fund International has gathered its members to evaluate the risk of cancer. The data discussed are the data from the 7000 study have been published.
Results of the review undertaken:
• Obesity significantly increases the risk of 6 Janis cancers: colon, kidney, pancreas, eosofagus, as well as endometrial and breast cancer in postmenopausal women.
• Increasing the number of pounds of body weight or excess fat increases the risk of cancer.
• Increased consumption of red meat increase cancer risk by 15%.
• Increased consumption of processed meats increase colorectal cancer risk. Associated with these results, the researchers make recommendations for the prevention of cancer (associated with weight loss):
• Try to be in the range of normal weight, (thin as possible).
• Consumption of foods derived from plants (fruits, vegetables, rice, and peas).
• Avoid red meat consumption of 18 ounces per week.
• Avoid consumption of processed meats as much as possible.
• Make physical activity as much as possible.
• Fixed meet nutritional needs through food.
• Consumption of no-calorie foods, like sweet drinks should be limited
• Restriction of alcohol consumption
• Patients who have successfully recovered from cancer should follow these recommendations. Added that obesity increases the risk of gallstone formation, and the presence of gallstones is increased risk of gallbladder cancer, which is expected to occur from supersaturasi cholesterol. Obesity affects circulating levels of hormones such as insulin, insulin-like growth factors and estrogen, which will create circumstances that promote carcinogenesis and reduces apoptosis. This stimulates the body's inflammatory response which will lead to the onset and progression of some cancers.
Several other studies showed an increased incidence of non-Hodgkin's lymphoma, leukemia and multiple myeloma in obese patients. Even in some reports, the relationship of obesity with cancers was expressed bermakan statistically. It is estimated that this occurs because obesity causes inflammation and pathological changes in the immune response, in which both of these factors will affect the function of lymphoid and hemapoetik cell function.
Experts say that doctors need to directly handle the excess weight found in patients, even if only seen a slight increase weight. With obese patients and overweight, doctors need to talk about diet, physical activity and sport. Every person money obese and overweight are encouraged to discuss with a doctor associated with weight and physical activity plan that will be undertaken to reduce cancer risk.
• In the future, obesity is likely to be the main cause of cancer.
• Obesity, lack of activity can increase your risk of cancer.
• Doctors need to perform preventive actions, in this case dealing with the excess weight in obese and overweight patients and discussion with patients about diet and physical activity needs to be done to reduce the risk of cancer.

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Obesity is excess weight as a result of excessive accumulation of body fat.
Everyone needs some body fat to store energy as heat insulation, shock absorber and other functions. On average women have more body fat than men [citation needed]. Normal comparison between body fat weight is approximately 25-30% in women and 18-23% in men. Women with more body fat than 30% body fat and men with more than 25% are considered obese.
Someone who has a weight 20% higher than the midpoint of the range of normal weight is considered obese.

Obesity is classified into three groups:

* Obesity mild: 20-40% overweight
* Obesity is: 41-100% overweight
* Obesity weight: excess weight> 100% (weight Obesity is found as much as 5% of the people who are obese).

Attention not only to the amount of fat is dumped, but also to the location of body fat storage. The pattern of distribution of body fat in men and women tend to differ. Women tend to accumulate fat in the hips and buttocks, thus giving the picture such as a pear. While the men usually accumulate fat around the abdomen, thus giving the picture such as apples. But it is not something absolute, sometimes in some men looked like a pear and some women look like apples, especially after menopause.
Someone buried a lot of fat in the abdomen may be more prone to various health problems associated with obesity. They have a higher risk. Pear picture is better than the picture of the apple.
To distinguish the two images, we have found a way to determine whether a person is shaped like an apple or pear, namely by calculating the ratio of waist to hips. Waist was measured at the narrowest point, while the hip was measured at the widest point; and waist size divided by hip size. A woman with a waist size of 87.5 cm and 115 cm hip size, waist-hip ratio of 0.76. Women with a ratio of waist: hip more than 0.8 or men with waist: hip more than one, say an apple-shaped.

Obesity Causes
Scientifically, obesity occurs from consuming more calories than needed by the body. Cause of the imbalance between calorie intake and burning is still unclear.
The occurrence of obesity involves several factors:

* Genetic factors. Obesity tends to run, thus might have a genetic cause. But family members not only share genes but also diet and lifestyle habits, which could push the occurrence of obesity. Often difficult to separate lifestyle factors with genetic factors. Recent research shows that the average genetic factors affecting 33% of body weight a person.
* Environmental factors. Gene is an important factor in many cases of obesity, but one's environment also play a significant role. This environment includes behavioral / lifestyle patterns (eg what to eat and how often a person ate and how its activity). A person certainly can not change their genetic pattern, but he can change the diet and activity.
* Psychological factors. What's in a person's mind can affect her eating habits. Many people reacted to his emotions by eating.

One form of emotional distress is a negative perception of self. This disruption is a serious problem for many young women who suffer from obesity, and can cause excessive awareness about kegemukannya and discomfort in social interactions.
There are two abnormal eating patterns that could be the cause of obesity is eating in a number of very much (binge) and eat at night (at night eating syndrome). Both diets are usually triggered by stress and disappointment. Binge similar to bulimia nervosa, in which a person ate in a number of very much, except that the binge this is not followed by spewing back what you've eaten. As a result a lot of calories consumed. In the syndrome, eating at night, is the reduction of appetite in the morning and followed by excessive eating, agitation and insomnia at night.

1. Health factors. Some illnesses can cause obesity, among others:

* Hypothyroidism
* Cushing's syndrome
* Prader-Willi Syndrome
* Several neurological disorders that can cause a person eats a lot

1. Drugs.

Certain drugs (eg steroids and some anti-depressants) can cause weight gain.

* Factor developments. Increasing the size or number of fat cells (or both) cause increasing amounts of fat stored in the body. Obese people, especially those who became obese in childhood, can have the fat cells up to five times more than people whose weight is normal. The number of fat cells can not be reduced, so weight loss can only be done by reducing the amount of fat within each cell.

* Physical activity. Lack of physical activity is probably one of the main causes of the increasing incidence of obesity in the middle of a prosperous society. People who are inactive need fewer calories. Someone who tend to consume foods rich in fat and not doing physical activity that is balanced, will be obese.

Symptoms of obesity

Excessive fat accumulation under the diaphragm and inside the chest wall may suppress the lungs, causing breathing problems and shortness of breath, although patients with only mild activity. Respiratory problems can occur during sleep and causes cessation of breathing for a while (sleep apneu), so at noon sufferers often feel sleepy.
Obesity can cause various orthopedic problems, including low back pain and aggravate osteoarthritis (especially in the area of the hip, knee and ankle). Sometimes also frequently found in skin disorders. A person who is obese has a body surface which is relatively more narrow than the weight, so body heat can not be disposed of in an efficient and more sweat. Often found in edema (swelling due to accumulation of fluid) in the leg and ankle.


Obesity is not only unpleasant to the eye but it is a terrible dilemma for health care. Obesity is directly harmful to one's health. Obesity increases the risk of some chronic diseases such as:

* Diabetes type 2 (arising in adolescence)
* High blood pressure (hypertension)
* Stroke
* Heart attack (myocardial infarction)
* Heart failure
* Cancer (certain types of cancer such as prostate cancer and colon cancer)
* Gall-bladder stones and bladder stones
* Gout and gout arthritis
* Osteoarthritis
* Sleep apneu (failure to breathe normally while asleep, have decreased levels of oxygen in the blood)
* Pickwickian syndrome (obesity accompanied by facial redness, underventilasi and drowsiness).

Measuring body fat

Not easy to measure a person's body fat. Following ways requires special equipment and conducted by trained personnel:

* Underwater weight, body weight was measured in water and then body fat is calculated based on the amount of water remaining.
* BOD POD is an egg-shaped space that has been computerized. Once a person has entered the BOD POD, the remaining amount of air used to measure body fat.
* Dexa (dual energy X-ray absorptiometry), resembling bone skening. X-rays are used to determine the number and location of body fat.

Following two ways is more simple and not complicated:

* Duration of skin, skin fold thickness in several parts of the body measured by the term (a metal tool resembling a forceps).
* Bioelectric impedance analysis (analysis bioelektrik prisoners), the patient stands on a special scale and a number of harmless electrical current flowed through the body and then analyzed.

These examinations can give inaccurate results if not done by experts.


Restricted calorie intake and increasing physical activity is the most important component in weight control. Both these components are also important in maintaining weight after weight loss. Must be a change in physical activity patterns and begin to live healthier eating habits.
The first step in treating obese patients is estimating body fat and health risks by calculating BMI. Health risks associated with obesity will increase in line with the increasing number of BMI:

* Low risk: BMI <27>Obesity is a chronic condition (chronic). Obesity is often considered a temporary condition that can be resolved for several months with a strict diet. Weight control is a long term business. To be safe and effective, any weight-loss program should be directed to the long-term approach.
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Monthel Waterfall

One of natural attractions offered in Kudus District located on the slopes of Mount Muria, namely Monthel waterfall. 25-meter-high waterfall is still an area with natural tourist attraction and the Tomb of Sunan Muria Colo.
Montel waterfall tourism is one of the nearby natural attractions located in Kudus regency. This tour is located in the northern cemetery of Sunan Muria. With a gap of about 1.5 km from the guesthouse Colo, and a height of 50 m, this tour made natural tourist destination in the tourists who come to visit Kudus. Most of the visitors are those who visit the cemetery of Sunan Muria.
To reach these places we must walk through a path with a distance of about 1.5 km to cross the coffee plantations on the slopes of Mount Muria in 30 minutes. For who can't be strong to walk, can take advantage of a motorcycle taxi service is ready to deliver more quickly through a better path. You can enjoy the freshness of cold water and beautiful scenery around this waterfall. In addition, visitors also can take a bath or play in the fresh mountain spring water Muria, accompanied by the sound of birds and various other forest animals. But I think the run will be even better. In addition to healthy weight, by walking, we also can enjoy the beautiful natural panorama over toward a waterfall is Montel. Even if you are lucky we will get a bonus which is to meet with the monkeys who were natives Montel.
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Green Tea is Beneficial Drinking

Tea is one of drink that is often presented by the family for drinks after breakfast. There are several types of tea from the classic tea, green tea to tea-scented flowers. Tea is usually served with a variety of ways from a brewed, put in the pot or presented directly in the cup or glass. There are several benefits of tea, especially green tea has many benefits for both health and beauty. Here, I try to explain.

Benefits of green tea include:

1. For the health benefits of tea have been known for thousands of years ago. In scientific research, found the use of tea in pharmacology to the human body. Due to the different types of chemical compounds such as amino acids, alkaloids pure, aromatic substances and vitamins.
2. Vitamin C content in tea is higher compared with the existing content in apples, tomatoes and lime juice. While B12 size 10-20 times higher compared with those found in cereals and vegetables, and components are not easily available in other foods.
3. Tea contains an amino acid needed by the body, rich in minerals and various vitamins. A tea drinker who regularly drink tea with a dose of rational, will get a regular supply of nutrients for the body and causes the formation of natural immunity.
4. From the results of research in the Soviet Union as well as black tea green tea, serves as one of the elements that can help so as not susceptible to disease.
5. Expert researchers from the Academy of Preventife Chinnese Medicine in China, after studying 17 types of tea can be proved that tea can slow the formation of nitrosamines in the body. In addition some elements in the tea can detect tumor cell growth on some parts of the human body.

Compounds in tea and functions:
1. Catechin
* Lowers cholesterol
* Lowers blood pressure and blood sugar levels
* Anti-cancer, anti-mutant factor
* Helps prevent kidney work gallstones

2. Polyphenol / tannin
* Streamlining digestion, kills bacteria dysentery
* Has anti-oxidant function
* Dissolves fat

3. Caffeine (theobromine Theophyiline)
* Stimulates the central nervous
* Streamlining the blood circulation, helps kidney function
* Improve concentration

* Streamlining the digestion and dissolves fat
* Source of tea aroma

5. Flavanols
* Strengthens the blood vessels, has an antioxidant function

6. Fluoride (Menganese, Zinc, Potassium
* Preventing tooth decay

* Prevent and fight against influenza
* Reduce stress
* Lowers high blood pressure
* Has anti-oxidant function
* Protect your cornea and UV light (prevents cataracts)

* Preventing premature aging
* Reduce the risk of heart disease and stroke
* Prevent the formation of fat in blood vessels

9. VITAMIN B Complex
* Helps the metabolism karbohidart

* Prevent bad breath (breath is not fresh)

* Scent mouth

How to brew green tea:

* Take one tablespoon of green tea (10 grams) enter in a quart of boiling water, cover tightly and allow 50-10 minutes of new ready to drink. Enough doses for one glass of one teaspoon (2 grams).
* Create a source of TEA for families: Take it and enter the 4 tablespoons of green tea into a teapot, pour boiling two quarts of boiling water. Each will serve drinks, the mixture is: ½ cup prickly tea ½ cup hot water. In order to feel the pleasure of drinking tea, drink while warm.
* It is advisable to drink green tea every day on a regular basis three to five in accordance with the measuring cup so that the properties of green tea a lot of benefits.

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