Thursday, September 2, 2010

Green Tea is Beneficial Drinking

Tea is one of drink that is often presented by the family for drinks after breakfast. There are several types of tea from the classic tea, green tea to tea-scented flowers. Tea is usually served with a variety of ways from a brewed, put in the pot or presented directly in the cup or glass. There are several benefits of tea, especially green tea has many benefits for both health and beauty. Here, I try to explain.

Benefits of green tea include:

1. For the health benefits of tea have been known for thousands of years ago. In scientific research, found the use of tea in pharmacology to the human body. Due to the different types of chemical compounds such as amino acids, alkaloids pure, aromatic substances and vitamins.
2. Vitamin C content in tea is higher compared with the existing content in apples, tomatoes and lime juice. While B12 size 10-20 times higher compared with those found in cereals and vegetables, and components are not easily available in other foods.
3. Tea contains an amino acid needed by the body, rich in minerals and various vitamins. A tea drinker who regularly drink tea with a dose of rational, will get a regular supply of nutrients for the body and causes the formation of natural immunity.
4. From the results of research in the Soviet Union as well as black tea green tea, serves as one of the elements that can help so as not susceptible to disease.
5. Expert researchers from the Academy of Preventife Chinnese Medicine in China, after studying 17 types of tea can be proved that tea can slow the formation of nitrosamines in the body. In addition some elements in the tea can detect tumor cell growth on some parts of the human body.

Compounds in tea and functions:
1. Catechin
* Lowers cholesterol
* Lowers blood pressure and blood sugar levels
* Anti-cancer, anti-mutant factor
* Helps prevent kidney work gallstones

2. Polyphenol / tannin
* Streamlining digestion, kills bacteria dysentery
* Has anti-oxidant function
* Dissolves fat

3. Caffeine (theobromine Theophyiline)
* Stimulates the central nervous
* Streamlining the blood circulation, helps kidney function
* Improve concentration

* Streamlining the digestion and dissolves fat
* Source of tea aroma

5. Flavanols
* Strengthens the blood vessels, has an antioxidant function

6. Fluoride (Menganese, Zinc, Potassium
* Preventing tooth decay

* Prevent and fight against influenza
* Reduce stress
* Lowers high blood pressure
* Has anti-oxidant function
* Protect your cornea and UV light (prevents cataracts)

* Preventing premature aging
* Reduce the risk of heart disease and stroke
* Prevent the formation of fat in blood vessels

9. VITAMIN B Complex
* Helps the metabolism karbohidart

* Prevent bad breath (breath is not fresh)

* Scent mouth

How to brew green tea:

* Take one tablespoon of green tea (10 grams) enter in a quart of boiling water, cover tightly and allow 50-10 minutes of new ready to drink. Enough doses for one glass of one teaspoon (2 grams).
* Create a source of TEA for families: Take it and enter the 4 tablespoons of green tea into a teapot, pour boiling two quarts of boiling water. Each will serve drinks, the mixture is: ½ cup prickly tea ½ cup hot water. In order to feel the pleasure of drinking tea, drink while warm.
* It is advisable to drink green tea every day on a regular basis three to five in accordance with the measuring cup so that the properties of green tea a lot of benefits.

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michel said...

Green tea does appear to have many benefits. It does taste good and the health benefits are a plus.

Okuma said...

More people are now conscious with anti aging products to help them look and feel younger. Noticeably, Asian loves to drink Chinese tea for it brings natural effect giving them revitalized youthful glow. Due to its natural content, it enhances the body's metabolism to stay fit.

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