Thursday, September 2, 2010

New Way to Overcome Obesity and Diabetes

Lately, researchers have found ways to overcome obesity and diabetes, two diseases caused by eating too much sweet food, or that contain glucose. By using the brown fat from the skin to burn calories, then at least can reduce the excessive calories in the obese body.
As published in Nature Report dated July 29, the researchers publish that one way to overcome the disorder of metabolism such as obesity and diabetes a way to burn a set of calorie burning brown fat cells.
Francesco keen, a Endokrinologist at the National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney hospital in Bethesda, Maryland., Saying, "Network-fat chocolate comes in the forefront to address the problem of obesity because it can make burning calories"

He also said the research might reveal the possibility of activation of brown fat, but the body also may be looking for ways to compensate in order to eat more.
As known so far, brown fat is used to warm newborn infants during cold temperatures. With these findings made the researchers think that to combat obesity is by increasing the number and activity of fat storage in the body of an adult brown colored.
Preliminary studies performed on rats myoblast. Myoblast is before the muscle cells. Researchers know that a protein called PRDM16 is important to produce brown fat cells. Researcher grafting some of the living cells of rats. then brown fat cells to form clots at different injection locations, near the liver / heart of the rats. This Myoblasts divide as usual. But when researchers increased number of both proteins, the cells divided to create a functional energy burning fat cells, apart from the duplicate themselves.
"Using the brown fat to help treat obesity has been discussed for more than 30-40 years. But, usually people will be attacked. Many said it was not fat as adults, others mention the fat has no relationship to obesity and weight loss. Recent research proves, every adult person has a functional brown fat in the body, "he explained.
So, with verification by a researcher who claimed that obesity and diabetes can be overcome by using brown fat. So, no harm for you who have the disease of obesity or diabetes can use a way that has been proven by the researchers.

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