Thursday, September 2, 2010

Exotic Water Three Pain (Rejenu)

Kudus Town has a variety of attractions that can be enjoyed by both locals and foreign tourists. Some existing attractions such as nature tourism, educational and religious. One of the most popular attractions in the Kudus City is the Water Three Pain (Air Tiga Rasa).
This tourist attraction is located in the mountains of Muria, about 7 km above Monthel waterfall tourism . Along the road leading to this very interesting sights. We can enjoy the cool and fresh air for both sides of the road because there are many plants and trees that shade. In addition, there is also a stream that flows into Monthel waterfall tourism, where the water is still clear and fresh.

Although the road to these places is climb, but we will not feel tired because of the freshness of air there. Besides we can walk through the path to get there, we can also use the motorbike taxi. If we use a motorcycle taxi service, we will pass the direction of Japan and then climbed a path that was paved by people around the site. So we do not take a long time from the bus parking lot in Colo. to arrive at the Three Pain Water (Air Tiga Rasa) attractions. We only took about 10 minutes by bike.
when we got there, we can see a forest that is still lush with big trees, so it can add a cool atmosphere around it. We also enjoy the sound of birds chirping which is still natural.
To quench your thirst after a little tiring journey, we can enjoy the water in three wells with different taste in all three wells. There's a sprite taste, salt and natural.
Beside we enjoy drinking the tasty water there, we also can enjoy special food there that is well-known as Pecel Pakis. We can meet it in the stalls beside the road towards Pain Three water wells (Sumur Air Tiga Rasa).


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