Friday, September 3, 2010

Bye - bye Obesity

In my previous articles, I have been reviewing ways to overcome obesity. Here, I'll add some tips so we can say goodbye to obesity, and look attractive.
It is because obesity is not only disturb the appearance but also health-threatening obesity. Do the following steps and say goodbye to overweight.

- Limit calories
Basically, in order not to our fatness "only" need to eat foods with lower calorie amount of calories burned.

- Drinking water
Usually within a day if you could spend a glass of juice, soda, or alcoholic beverages, from now replace with plain water. With this simple way you have to reduce calorie intake per day.

- Sport 15-20 minutes.
If you have problems with weight, you usually also have a problem with exercise habits. Maybe it's because you're too impose themselves. Enough exercise for 15 minutes every day will burn 100-150 calories, depending on body weight and metabolism.

- Replace snacks
Potato chips, fried foods, and other snack foods do not actually contain less calories. If you're used to snacking all day, have it replaced with a vegetable or fruit. Also stay away from sugar-rich snacks such as donuts, chocolate, or ice cream.

- Having sex
Intimate with a partner is one of physical activity not only fun, but also can burn calories. But of course you're not just doing it for three minutes, but 15 minutes. If done every day, the number of calories burned to reach 150.

- Healthy Breakfast
Skipping breakfast can actually make the body weak and very hungry at noon. Choose a healthy breakfast, such as vegetable sandwich or oatmeal.

- Reduce the butter
Reduce the habit of buttering bread or other foods because you can reduce 200-300 calories per day.

- Eat slowly
Enjoy each mouthful and chew food slowly so you feel full faster. If you are still tempted to spend a portion of food again, wait 20 minutes, usually it will go away hungry.


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