Friday, September 3, 2010

How to Overcome Obesity

Having a fat body for some people is a frightening specter. This is because, obesity can lead to various diseases. So many people avoid becoming overweight, especially women.
Average women are willing to do anything to get a slim body shape, ranging from a regular diet, drink a variety of slimming drug to liposuction.
In fact, if implemented dietary and health habits, obesity can be avoided.

Here, some tips that can be done to combat obesity:
* Eliminate the habit of snacking, especially starchy and sugary foods high. Eat every three hours is allowed, provided by balancing caloric intake.
* Limit high carbohydrate foods such as rice, potatoes, cassava, sweet potatoes, and foods from wheat. However, this does not mean totally eliminating carbohydrates, your body still needs energy from carbohydrates to break down food substances during the process of metabolism.
* Reduce food from protein sources such as fish, tofu, tempeh, and meat.
* Discipline in regulating diet and exercise. Enter fibrous foods such as vegetables and fruits. Vegetables make us easy to fill, durable and low in calories.
* Eat fruit that does not contain much carbohydrate but a lot of water, such as papaya, starfruit, watermelon, guava and apples are highly recommended. In particular, interrupted mealtimes.
* Reduce the consumption of sweet fruits such as bananas, melons, sapodilla, grapes and mango. These fruits contain fructose which will be a lot of glucose in the blood.
* Lots of fruit consumption
* Drink plenty of water, because a lot of drinking can overcome hunger.
* When exercising, take time to warm up for half an hour to an hour. all this will make the weight remained stable and appeared fit



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