Thursday, September 2, 2010

Is Obesity Difficult to Pregnant?

Being overweight can also be considered to be one cause of difficult pregnancies.
Because there is excess fatty tissue that can trigger over-production of the hormone estrogen, a hormone that is formed to result in less or unbalanced, and will interfere with ovulatory cycles. Can be seen from irregular menstrual cycles do not occur.
The study says 30-47% of women with excess weight will experience irregular menstrual cycles. Being overweight also increases the risk of miscarriage in pregnancy.

But that does not mean women with excess body weight can not be pregnant.
The first tips that can be done to help speed up the pregnancy is to lose weight and lifestyle changes. Limit your intake of calories in a maximum of 1000-1200 kcal / day. Do sports that have a high enough intensity for 30 minutes, 3 x per day.
Studies show 50-10% reduction of body weight can increase spontaneous ovulation for the possibility of pregnancy up to 60% for women with excess weight.
Several conclusions can be drawn is that obesity can reduce fertility, either because of excessive calorie intake or because of hormones resulting from the delay pregnancy drug (pill, injection, implant contraceptives. Etc.), All of which can cause reduced fertility.
Obesity can also reduce sexual activity / sexual interest from couples.


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