Thursday, September 2, 2010

Preventing Child Obesity

Having a fat and plump child is dreaming of every parents. It still has a lot of assumptions that circulate in the community if a healthy child is marked by weight gain. Unfortunately, when the weight of too drastically will cause new problems for the child.
Children will feel inferior in their environment due to continue being ridiculed by his friends. Children will have difficulty doing activities that give priority to the physical. Children will also be susceptible to some diseases such as shortness of breath, and others. All that would be disturbing the child's achievement in school.

Here are some tips to prevent children becoming too fat:

1. Give children an example of how a healthy lifestyle. You will not be able to teach your children healthy habits while your own life habits random mess. As a parent, you must be a role model. Some old people there who behave well when in front of children, even though the child may know the tricks performed by their parents are. With a healthy behavior, not only do you teach your child how to live healthy, but that behavior is also useful for your own health.
2. Start early. Begin teaching children healthy lifestyle as early as possible. This habit will be easier to be taught at an early age because children have not too many options. Unfortunately, many parents have not realized this, so that some of them late teach kids to eat vegetables for example.
3. Get used to eat with children. Lately a lot of families who have left the habit of eating together. They prefer to eat his own self in a different place different. How parents can give examples of healthy foods to eat while they are separated from their children. By eating together, you as parents can monitor what is eaten by your child and can explain the usefulness of the food. You can also teach them how to eat right.
4. Encourage your child to indulge. Many parents who forbid their children too many activities with a variety of reasons. Sometimes the reason is simply based on the interests of parents, when children need a lot of motion to burn the energy stored in the body. Energy deposition in the body will cause the child to become obese. Invite your child exercise, play and activities that move the body.
5. Help children to make friends. Social will enable children spent more time to play. With a lot of play will burn more energy so that children do not become obese. Social will also enhance the socialization of our children.
6. Give an award. If your child has a healthy lifestyle, show them that you feel happy and proud. Instead, give them the punishment if your child is doing a bad habit. This will encourage healthy behavior in your child.
7. Learn to say no. Remember if you teach your children to live healthy is because you love them. Dare to say no if you feel what your child is not required in accordance with your purpose to teach them how to live healthy. Do not be too follow the will of your child.
8. Additional vitamins. Please remember that the food consumed by your child does not always contain enough nutrients they need. Therefore, give them extra vitamins and minerals. Give dosage of vitamins that they like both in terms of taste and packaging to ensure the discipline they consume.
9. Health examination. You should always be sure if your child is in good shape. If not, flee to the doctor for a medical examination. Better yet if you check your child's health on a regular basis to a family doctor and dentist. With regular checkups, you can also get advice on how to raise children properly so that your children grow up healthy.
10. Give me a challenge. If there is a chance you must give your child healthy foods that they had never before consumption. Children love a challenge. Thus, your child will have plenty of healthy food choices in life.

Hopefully helpful.

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