Friday, May 15, 2009

Effective Learning Success

Learning today is still a scourge among students. They prefer to play or spend time just to watch television. They assume that learning is a boring thing.
For that I'll review a few ways to learn effectively.

Effective learning steps is knowing :
* Self
* The ability to learn
* Interests, and knowledge of the subjects desired

Some students may be able to learn mathematics and science subjects but is less able to master the lessons of language such as Indonesian or English. Learn anything, is the process to reach a certain stage.

Several steps need to be considered include:
  1. Focus yourself on the values and principles that you believe. Decide yourself which is important for you. Do not let your friends or other people dictate to you what is important.
  2. Do first what's important. Do it once priorities have you set yourself. Do not let anyone or anything else to solve your attention from the goal.
  3. Consider yourself in a situation of "co-opetition" (Not a "win-win" again). "Co-opetition" is a combination of the words "Cooperation" (in collaboration) and "competition" (competition). So, other than as a friend who helps in a lot of learning together and provide inputs / new ideas in the task, consider him as a competitor is also in the classroom. In this way, you will always be encouraged to do their best (do your best) in the classroom.
  4. Understand the other person, then they will understand you. When you wish to discuss any academic problems with your teacher, for example, questioned the value of math or ask for a dispensation additional time to collect duties, place yourself as a teacher. Well, now try to ask yourself, arguments about what is most fit to be given when it is in the position of teachers / lecturers are.
  5. Find a better solution. If you do not understand the material taught on this day, do not just re-reading the material. Try other ways. For example, discuss such materials with teachers / lecturers, friends, study groups or with your academic mentors. They will help you to gain a better understanding.
  6. Challenge yourself on an ongoing basis. In this way, learning will be felt exciting, and maybe you'll get brilliant ideas.
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Tuesday, May 5, 2009

What is Report Text?

Report text is a kind of text. It is used to describe something in general.
It can describe about things, places, animals or even universe. For example Stars, Rainbow, Kangaroos, Hospital, Supermarket.

It has two generic structures : General Classification and Descriptions
General Classification tells about the definition of something
Description tells about how to describe something that related to parts, behavior, type, characteristic.

General Classification : Bats are nocturnal animals, they belong to mammals.
Description : Bats have longs wings. They are used to wrapped their prey. They are nocturnal animals because they do their activities at night. They have a good hearing because they use sound wave to find something. They eat ants and fruit. They are very useful for human because they help to spread the seed of fruit especially in tropical rain forest.

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