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Descriptive TEXT

Descriptive Text, is the text that describe, illustrate, or elaborate on something, like objects, people or certain places. This text descriptions usually include the characteristic, type, form, function and detailed things about "something" is.

Descriptive characteristics of Text:

1. General structure (generic structure) consists of:
  • Identification: Part (sentence) that introduce (introducing) something.
  • Description: This section contains a description or picture of something, for example, about the type and shape.

2. Features general grammatical tenses "simple present"
3. The contents of the text focuses on detailed discussions about the things or objects in question

Example Descriptive Text:

National Monuments

National Monument or the popular abbreviated or Tugu Monas Monas is one of the memorial which was established to commemorate the resistance and the Indonesian people's struggle against the Dutch colonialists.

National Monument located in Central Jakarta, was built on decades of the 1920s.

The National Memorial was built in an area of 80 hectares. This monument diarsiteki Silaban and R. Friedrich M. Soedarsono, began construction August 17, 1961, and July 12, 1975 inaugurated by Indonesian President Soeharto.

Development aims Monas monument commemorate and preserve the Indonesian struggle for independence during the revolution in 1945, for the inspiration and spirit of patriotism terbangkitnya current and future generations.

Monument towering monument and symbolizes the phallus (pestle or anatan) full dimensions of typical Indonesian national culture. All of the court of the cup symbolizes the yoni (the barn). Alu and the barn is a household appliance found in almost every house the indigenous population of Indonesia.

National Monument experiencing five times the renaming Gambier Field, Field Ikada, Merdeka Square, National Monument, and Monument Park. Around the monument there are gardens, two ponds and some open field where the exercise on holidays.

Form of memorial this one is very unique. A obeliks stone marble yoni phallus-shaped fertility symbol is 132 meters high.

At the top of the National Monument there are cup-shaped, supporting a bronze torch flame which weighs 14.5 tonnes and gold plated 35 Kilogram. Flame or torch as a symbol of the struggle of the Indonesian people who want to achieve independence.

Peak with an area of 11x11 Courtyard can accommodate as many as 50 visitors. At around the body there is an elevator emergency staircase made of iron. Monas monument from the court of the peak, visitors can enjoy spectacular views across the city of Jakarta. Southerly direction with a strong standing in the distance Mount Salak in Bogor regency, West Java, stretching north sea with small islands scattered. When turned to the West extends the Soekarno-Hatta Airport at any time seen a plane take off.

From the peak of the court, 17 m back to the top, there is a tongue of fire, made of bronze weighing 14.5 tons and a diameter of 6 m, consists of 77 sections together.

Courtyard top of the monument in the form of "unremitting Nan Fire", which means that symbolizes the nation of Indonesia to the fight of all time has never subsided. High court of the cup from the bottom of 17 m and 8 m. space history museum Size of square-shaped courtyard, measuring 45x45 m, is the preservation of sacred figures Proclamation of Independence (17-8-1945).

Visitors Monument area, who will climb the peak of the court obelisk monument or museum, can be through the entrance plaza of the park around the Merdeka Square, in the north of Monument Park. Nearby there is the fountain and statue of Prince Diponegoro, who was riding his horse, made of bronze weighing 8 tons.

The statue was created by Italian sculptor, Prof.. Coberlato as a contribution by the Consulate General Honores, Dr Mario Bross in Indonesia. Through the tunnel which is 3 m below the National Monument park and cross the road here, visitors to the monument entrance to the fenced monument peak "Yellow Bamboo".

Bedrock of 3 m-high monument, below that there is space history museum national struggle with the size of the area 80x80 m, can accommodate around 500 people visitors.

On the fourth side of the room there are 12 windows dedicated demonstration events since the time of the Indonesian people living ancestors. Entire walls, pillars and marble floors. In addition, the amphitheater-shaped independence space which is located within the cup Monas monument, depicting the attribute map of the Unitary State of Republic of Indonesia archipelago, Independence, red and white flags and symbols of the state and arch doors are inscribed the
manuscript Proclamation of Indonesian Independence.

National Monuments in the building there is also a museum and hall for meditation. The visitors could climb up to the top by using the elevator. Or National Monuments of the city can be seen from the top of the monument.

Monuments and museums are open every day, starting at 09:00 to 16:00 Western Indonesia Time.

The entire contents of 132 m. high Monas Flame height of 14 m above it, at the Monas third floor of 115 m height above ground level. Inside there are 51 dioramas Monas. Sangsekerta diorama is a language which means dio: in, dormitory: the image. Thus, dioramas in the mean image. Monas development cost is 7 dollars and blia Billion in sales, the flames could reach 14 million rupiah. Monas, has not been the launch but was opened to the public on June.12, 1975 by the Governor of DKI Jakarta: Adi Sadikin.


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