Friday, May 21, 2010

Recount Text

Recount is a text that tell the events or experiences in the past. The purpose of recount text in general is to entertain like Narrative, but recount the incident has focused the past to tell what it is. Often the author gives an impression or opinion of the events related. The main difference this text with text Narrative is the absence of complications of problems or conflicts experienced by the characters in the text recount.

General characteristics of Recount:
  1. Purpose of the text / social function (communicative purpose of the text): to tell the readers what Happened in the past through a sequence of events.
  2. Telling of events and experiences in the past to the reader in chronological order according to time or events.
Generic structure / text organization (systematics of writing):
  1. Orientation: Introduction to the characters, time and place of occurrence.
  2. Events: The events, recounted in chronological order (sequence).
  3. Re-orientation; the conclusion of all events, can also contain comments or impression that the author recounted the experience.
Language features (the main linguistic features):
  1. Past tense, for example We WENT to the zoo; She was happy, and so on.
  2. Action verbs or action verbs, eg go, look, eat, etc.
  3. Nouns and pronouns as pronouns, animals or objects involved, such as David, the monkey, etc. We.
  4. Conjunctions and time / Chronological connectives that sort of events, events or activities, such as and, but, then, after that, etc.
  5. Adverbs and adverb Phrases to disclose where, when and how, for example, yesterday, at my house, etc. Studio albums Slowly.
  6. Adjectives to describe nouns, such as beautiful, funny, etc.
Example of recount text :

Going to Jakarta

Last holiday, I and my friends went to Jakarta. We went there for five days, starting on March 5 to 9, 2010. We took the bus to get there. We visited several objects such as planetarium, GSA, Dufan, Tapos and Cibaduyut.

On the first day, we gathered at school around 2 pm. We left at 3 pm. We had dinner at Lestari restaurant in Kendal. We continued the trip around 7 pm. We arrived in Jakarta at about four in the morning. We went to PHI Hotels in Pondok Gede.

On the second day, we went to the Planetarium in TMII. We were there about two hours. Then, we visited to Dufan and GSA. we spent time there until late afternoon. Then, we went back to the hotel.

On the third day, we went to Bandung. we visited Tapos. We were there at about two hours. Our last object is Cibaduyut. We bought some souvenirs there. Around 8 pm, we went back to Kudus.

We felt very tired, but it is an unforgettable experience.


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