Monday, May 24, 2010

Kinesthetic Learning Styles

In the learning process, the child has some characteristics of each in learning. This could be due to the ability levels of children in receiving education. There were three types of learning styles, including kinesthetic learning styles. Children with kinesthetic learning styles learn through moving, touching and doing. Children like this is hard to sit still for hours because their desire for activity and exploration is very strong. Students who learn this style of learning through movement and touch.

The characteristics of kinesthetic learning styles:
  1. Speaking slowly
  2. Tidy appearance
  3. Not too easily disturbed by the noise situation
  4. Memorizing by walking and seeing
  5. Using a finger as a guide when reading
  6. Found it difficult to write but great in story telling
  7. Love books and they reflect the action with body movement while reading
  8. Enjoys a busy game
  9. Unable to remember the geography, except if they had been in place
  10. Touching people to get their attention Using words that contain the action
Strategies to facilitate the child's kinesthetic learning process:
  • Do not force children to study up for hours.
  • Encourage the child to learn while exploring their environment (for example: ask him to read while cycling, use real objects to learn new concepts).
  • Allow children to chew gum at the time of learning.
  • Use bright colors to menghilite important things in the readings.
  • Allow children to learn while listening to music.
Other learning style is also unique is called Tactual Learners or touching something that we must provide certain information so that we can remember. Of course, there are several characteristics of the model of learning is that not everyone can do it. The first is to place the hands as a receiver of information so that we can continue to remember it. Second, only by holding we can absorb the information without having to read the explanation. The third character is that we include people who can not / stand sitting for too long to listen to the lesson. Fourth, we felt she could learn better when combined with physical activity. The last character, the people who have this learning style have the ability to coordinate a team and ability to control the motion of the body (athletic ABILITY).


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