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Narrative Text

Narrative Text, a text whose contents is a story or a story about something. Narrative Sample text: folklore (folktale), an animal story (fable), Legenda (Legend), a short story (short story), and the like. Inside there is a conflict / top issue, followed by completion. The main function of these texts is to a story or entertain readers.

Narrative features of text:

1. Generic Structure:
  • Orientation: contains the introduction of character, place and time of the story (who or what, when and where)
  • Complication: Contains the peak of conflict / problem in the story. A story can have more than one complication.
  • Resolution: Solving problems. Could end in joy (happy ending) could also end up with sadness (sad ending).

Sometimes also its structure (generic structure): Orientation, Complication, Evaluation, Resolution and Reorientation. To "Evaluation" and "Reorientation" is optional; can there be no. Evaluation includes assessment / evaluation on the course of the story or conflict. While Reorientation contains the contents of inference end of the story.

2. Grammatical features using tenses "past"
3. Often use the word liaison time (temporal conjunction), for example: once upon a time, one day, long time ago, ...

Example of text:


Jenggala kingdom ruled by a king named Raden Putra. He was accompanied by a consort of a kind and a concubine who has the nature of envy and jealousy. King's son and his two wives had been living in a very magnificent palaces and peaceful. Until one day the king's concubines are planning something bad on the consort of the king. This was done because the concubine Raden Putra want to become empress.
Concubine of the king and then conspired with a palace physician to implement the plan. Concubine of the king pretended to seriously ill. Court physicians and immediately called the King. After examining these concubines, the physician said that someone had put poison in the drink princess. "That man is none other than the consort of King himself," said the physician. King became furious to hear the explanation palace physician. He immediately ordered the governor to get rid of the empress to the woods and kill him.
Patih The empress was immediately brought it to the middle containing wilderness. But, the governor who wisely did not want to kill the empress. Apparently, the governor already know the evil intention of the king's concubines. "Master's daughter does not need to worry, I will report to the king that the princess was murdered servant," said the governor. To trick the king, the governor smeared with the blood of his sword caught the rabbit. The king was satisfied when the governor reported that he had killed the empress.
After several months in the jungle, the empress gave birth to a boy. The boy gave the name Cinderalas. Cinderalas grow into a child who is smart and handsome. Since childhood he had been friends with the animal inhabitants of the forest. One day, while being engrossed in play, a hawk dropped a chicken egg. Cinderalas then took the egg and the intended menetaskannya. After three weeks, the eggs hatch into a chick who is very funny. Cinderalas chicken with diligent care of the child. Kian day chick grew into a rooster is stout and strong. But there is a strange one from the chicken. Crowing rooster sound different from other chickens. "... Lord Cinderalas Kukuruyuk, his house in the middle of the jungle, their roofs of palm leaves, his father, Raden Putra ...", crowing rooster.
Cinderalas very surprised to hear that his chickens crowing and soon showed his mother. Then, the mother told the origins Cindelaras why they were in the woods. Listening to his mother, Cindelaras determined to expose the crime to the palace and the king's concubines. Having allowed his mother, Cindelaras go to the palace accompanied by a rooster. While on a trip there are some people who are fight chickens. Cinderalas then summoned by the penyabung chicken. "Come on, if you dare, adulah jantanmu chicken with my chicken," she challenged. "Well," replied Cindelaras. When pitted, it turns out Cinderalas cock fight with powerful and in a short time, he can beat his opponent. After a few times pitted, chicken Cindelaras not invincible.
News about the greatness of chicken Cinderalas spread quickly until he came to the Palace. Raden Putra was finally heard the news. Then, Raden Putra sent hulubalangnya to invite Cinderalas to the palace. "I am facing the emperor," said Cindelaras courteously. "The boy is handsome and intelligent, it looks like he is not a descendant of the commoners," thought the king. Cinderalas pitted with chicken chicken Raden Putra on one condition, if the chicken Cindelaras lost his head so he would be beheaded, but if the chicken is half-won wealth belongs Cinderalas Raden Putra.
Two chickens were fighting bravely. But in a short time, chicken chicken Cindelaras conquered the King. The audience cheered cheering Cinderalas and chicken. "Well I admit defeat. I'll keep my promise. But who are you, young man?" Tanya King Raden Putra. Cinderalas immediately bowed like a whispered something in his chicken. Not long after the chicken immediately rang. "... Lord Cinderalas Kukuruyuk, his house in the middle of the jungle, their roofs of palm leaves, his father, Raden Putra ...," rooster crowed repeatedly. Raden Putra surprised to hear chickens crowing Cinderalas. "Is that true?" The king asked in amazement. "True King, a slave Cindelaras, consort of King's mother is a slave."
Simultaneously, the governor immediately faced and told all the events that actually happened to the empress. "I've made a mistake," said King Raden Putra. "I will give the selirku retribution," continued the king with rage. Then, concubines Raden Putra was the waste to the forest. Raden Putra immediately hugged her and apologized for his mistakes after that, Raden Putra and district chief consort to the woods to pick up soon .. Finally Raden Putra, empress and Cindelaras can regroup. After Raden Putra died, Cindelaras replace his father. He ruled his country with a fair and wise.


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