Thursday, May 27, 2010

Face Washing

Seeing the recent erratic weather, sometimes heat, sometimes the rain makes our face moist and dry. This is caused by temperature and impurities generated in the air. For someone who works in cold air-conditioning all subjects, especially, the face will easily become dry. for that we often wash our faces with water. in addition to cleaning the water we also often face with cleanser.
There are several things you can do for the skin, from choosing the right product and cleaning movement is good for the skin. In addition, cleansing shower using soap. But a question arises. Is it okay to use soap to wash face? According to some experts beauty, this actually depends on several things, such as facial skin type and the using. If you only do a few times (not every time you use soap to clean your face) and you type a normal or oily skin then this is not a problem. Despite the fact this is also less precise.

Yet it is not recommended to use soap to clean the face every time, especially if your skin including dry or sensitive. The reason pH (acidity level of soap) soap harder than cleaning the face, while the even more delicate facial skin compared with skin. If too frequent cleansing soap denagn the skin moisture is lost.
Cleaning the face can also be done using warm water, because warm water to make a cleaner face, because it can dissolve the skin oil and makeup on their faces. Most important is the water warm and not too hot because it will make the skin dry. Hot water will also make blood vessels widen and not suitable for you have sensitive skin.
As for someone who has acne skin cleansers that contain use anti-acne ingredients such as salicylic acid acne facial is then switched to regular cleaning when the acne started to disappear. But if the acne is continually arise there is the possibility you have to use acne medicines.
Use skin care with a very gentle cleanser (cleanser for sensitive skin) in order to avoid peeling of the skin. If you're acne should not use the scrub after cleansing, to avoid skin irritation.


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