Thursday, September 2, 2010

Monthel Waterfall

One of natural attractions offered in Kudus District located on the slopes of Mount Muria, namely Monthel waterfall. 25-meter-high waterfall is still an area with natural tourist attraction and the Tomb of Sunan Muria Colo.
Montel waterfall tourism is one of the nearby natural attractions located in Kudus regency. This tour is located in the northern cemetery of Sunan Muria. With a gap of about 1.5 km from the guesthouse Colo, and a height of 50 m, this tour made natural tourist destination in the tourists who come to visit Kudus. Most of the visitors are those who visit the cemetery of Sunan Muria.
To reach these places we must walk through a path with a distance of about 1.5 km to cross the coffee plantations on the slopes of Mount Muria in 30 minutes. For who can't be strong to walk, can take advantage of a motorcycle taxi service is ready to deliver more quickly through a better path. You can enjoy the freshness of cold water and beautiful scenery around this waterfall. In addition, visitors also can take a bath or play in the fresh mountain spring water Muria, accompanied by the sound of birds and various other forest animals. But I think the run will be even better. In addition to healthy weight, by walking, we also can enjoy the beautiful natural panorama over toward a waterfall is Montel. Even if you are lucky we will get a bonus which is to meet with the monkeys who were natives Montel.


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