Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Fast Reading Comprehension

Read for some people is a tedious job, because they consider that reading just waste of their spare time, though from reading we can obtain various information and technology. In addition, by reading helps the brain to work optimally. In order to read more fun and can be read quickly, here are some reviews on how to read quickly.

Definition of Reading :
The definition in linguistics to explain that reading is a process of re-encoding and decoding process. These aspects relate written words to the meaning of spoken language. This includes changing the text or mold into a meaningful sound.
Reading is a process that is carried and used by readers who want to get the message presented by the author through the words of the written language .. A process that requires the reader to understand the written word group is a unified and visible in a glance, and the meanings of words that can be known precisely. If this can be met then the message is explicit and the implicit can be understood, so that the process of reading has been performing well.
Someone who was reading meant he was performing an activity in the form of communicating with yourself through written symbols. Meaning does not lie in not reading the written material, but also lies in the reader's mind itself. Thus the meaning of the reading can vary depending on the reader and the different experiences he had at the time to read and used to interpret the written words.

A good reader is someone who can take feedback on the language (an idea, stye, and maturity of the author) and a decent sense of speed. Good reading ability is very important in a reading.

To develop and improve skills needed in reading are:
  • It can help students to enrich their vocabulary by introducing words synonyms, antonyms, supplement, and explain the meaning of a word abstract using the local language or their native language.
  • Can help students to understand the meaning of the word structures, sentence and accompanied by the necessary training.
  • Can increase the speed of reading the students by asking them to read to himself, avoiding the lip movement, and explain the purpose of reading.

Someone who can understand a reading or discourse, will find the form of schemata that provide an adequate proposal of a reading. A reading comprehension process is to find the configuration schemata that offer an adequate description of a reading. Until now the concept of the scheme is the way to the most promising from the point of discourse in general. Because schemata are part of the presentation of background knowledge, breadth of knowledge and experience of readers is one basis for the strong design makes use of the concept of the scheme.

Capabilities needed in reading comprehension include:
• understand the vocabulary used in common language and can deduce its meaning in context.
• understand the forms of syntactic and morphological features found in reading written.
• can draw conclusions and a valid response of the material read.

Based on the above statement then the ability to read is how someone can understand very well what that message was conveyed in the passage, so that the information may be disclosed again absorbed properly, either orally or in writing.

Core part of speed reading is how you read a few words together and move your eyes to catch the words quickly. Imagine the analogy of a computer that has a super fast processor. This is your brain. And the speed of your eyes in seeing likened verbatim data sender channel that will determine whether the processor speed is fully utilized or are left in the idle condition because there is no data to be processed.

Most people read word by word It will slow read speed. You have to practice to be read per block words

In a quick reading of fixation / scan the eye at the widening So could read several words at once.

By reading the block of words, reading time, would be more concise. 'In a fast reader' reads one can see, then 'fixation widened' is also read with a single look. So also with 'So that could be read' and 'a few words at a time', only read once saw.


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