Friday, August 20, 2010

Grandma's personality influence for grandchildren

The figure of the life of a grandmother can live alone, separated from his children for having a family, living with children, or the parents could also be still at grandmother's house.
Grandmother with grandchildren relations can occur because the parents stay at home grandmother or otherwise. It can also happen the grandson is deposited to grandma with some reason, the example are parents working or sick.
In this connection, people assume that the effects tend to be poorly educated fathers, because the grandchildren tend to be spoiled. this is due to excessive grandmother spoiling her granddaughter. What are the demands of grandchildren always fulfilled because the grandmother is a form of affection and strategies close to the grandmother's grandson.

In social life, the family has the values that underlie behavior. since the grandson was born, the values of society or the family had begun to be invested.

The values inculcated typically associated with the notion of "Right, Wrong, Good and Bad". Oarng parents usually apply the pattern of how students by giving exams, assignments, orders or reward for good behavior or the right, while sentencing or other warnings for misconduct or poor, should be prevented or prohibited

Family's commitment to follow certain principles must be adhered to, should not be shaken by a third person (grandmother), otherwise if we had set a grandmother who provide education to our grandchildren should be consistent and not interfere.

Affectionate grandmother to granddaughter is fair. According to experts, once again spoiling grandchildren do not result in a less good thing, as long as such indulgence as a reward for good behavior, and in certain situations.

Always obey the will and desire as well as educate grandchildren not to learn the desired behavior of the environment, being selfish, can not adapt to the environment.

Can be concluded that excessive indulgence will actually burden the development itself grandchildren who someday will be released in a society that will not spoil him and grandchildren u tuk it difficult to adjust. For grandchildren, the grandmother is a symbol of love and patience.


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